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Ochro Rice

INGREDIENTS 2 large  pigtail bones, cut up in bite size pieces 12 ochroes, sliced 1 […]

Fish Broth

Ingredients 2lbs Red snapper (cut into 3’ thick ) 2tbsp Olive Oil 1 tbsp Butter […]

Pak Choi & Beef Soup

Carnival is just around the corner and I know everyone is trying to stay fit […]

Granola energy bites

One word! Irresistible! Now I’m not as healthy as I should be but these bites […]

Ochro Hash

Going to keep it 100 with you, this was totally unplanned and born out of […]

Vegan Dasheen (Taro) “Oil-Down” & Callaloo Hash

Sometimes I feel like straying from the typical festive rice, lasagne and pastelles for Christmas […]

Leftover Ham & Black Eyed Peas Soup

Today is Old Year’s Day and we’re sticking to that West African tradition of having […]

Stewed Chicken Soup

The latest episode of EAF Presents features Reshmi from Taste Of Trini and she made […]

Roasted Veg & Channa Salad

I created this recipe recently while going through the process of cleaning out my fridge […]