Spiked Sorrel

This spiked sorrel is infused with the traditional spices and the complex flavors of Angostura […]

Christmas Cocktails

Mixologists Ryan “Mojito King” Sylvester & Justin Ballantyne created five Christmas cocktails to add to […]

Cocoa Tea

For many of us, “Cocoa Tea” is something we saw our grandmothers make but never […]


Mauby is one of the most popular, if not the most popular drink across the […]

A Celebration Of Sorrel

For this episode of Mmhmm I decided to have a celebration of sorrel in the […]

Peanut Punch & More

Peanut Punch is a bit of a hot topic right now in Trinidad & Tobago, […]

Caribbean Chai

There’s something very comforting about brewing your own tea from scratch. You experience a sense […]

Decanted – Pois Doux [Padoo]

Padoo, as we call it, comes from the French words “pois doux” meaning “sweet pea”. […]

Decanted – Five Fingers

Carambola or Five-finger as its known locally, perhaps got its name from its five distinct ridges […]