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Bhagi Rice with Pigtail

Ingredients 1 bundle Bhagi, cleaned and cut 2C Rice 4C Coconut milk 1 lb Pigtail […]

Quick Corn Soup

Whether around the Queen’s Park Savannah on any given evening, outside a fete or on […]

Market Run

I try to go to the market as often as possible, preferably on a Saturday […]

Vegetarian Pelau

Vegetarian Pelau The default response when people ask for a vegetarian version to a dish […]

Cow Heel Soup

Trini Cow Heel Soup Emily gets the pot bubblin’ with a local classic: Trini Cow […]

Callaloo & Dasheen

Callaloo & Dasheen Too This is without a doubt one of my favourite dishes, not […]

Christmas Pigeon Peas

This vegan Christmas Pigeon Peas Recipe uses the perfect combination of ingredients to compliment the […]

Carnival Body Quinoa Salad

Emily’s “Carnival Body” Quinoa Salad Healthy Recipes ft Megan Martin The answer is yes! We’ve […]

Stewed Lentil Peas

Stewed Lentil Peas I think its safe to say that stewed lentil peas can easily […]