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September 16, 2020


Chrisal brings back memories of her grandmother’s cooking with this callaloo recipe. Callaloo is a […]
August 26, 2020


Jyneelle makes one of her favorite soups, an Italian Minestrone Soup using Cuisine’s Cranberry Beans, […]
July 16, 2020
Trini Corn Soup

Trini Corn Soup 

In the episode, Emily is joined by self-proclaimed “Corn Soup Enthusiast” and friend of EatAhFood, […]
June 22, 2020
Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup

Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup

Tomatoes are in season and you can get them for as cheap as $3 per […]
June 9, 2020
Callaloo & Mushroom Soup

Callaloo & Mushroom Soup

This Callaloo & Mushroom soup was one of those random things that popped into my […]
March 30, 2020

15 Minute Veggie Soup

This is the perfect recipe to whip up when you have no time to messing […]
March 16, 2020

Quick Chick Peas Soup

Quick Chick Peas (Channa) Soup This quick chick peas soup or channa soup is an […]
August 28, 2019

Cow Heel Soup

Trini Cow Heel Soup Emily gets the pot bubblin’ with a local classic: Trini Cow […]
March 9, 2019

Quick Corn Soup

Whether around the Queen’s Park Savannah on any given evening, outside a fete or on […]