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Eatahfood is all about sharing great recipes and tutorials on how to make your favorite local dishes. Our mission is to highlight chefs, restaurants, food producers, foodies and other key figures who help shape the culinary landscape in the Caribbean.
We produce some of the best original content in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean every week on our channel. But this just isn’t about our vision, its also about you. So get connected and let us know what recipes and other content you’d like to see.
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The EatAhFood Channel is an online food media channel that celebrates Caribbean food and culture. Since our launch in 2008 our focus has been dedicated to showcasing our farming, agriculture, food producers, chefs and foodies who help shape our culinary landscape with the goal of promoting food security and culinary tourism in Trinidad and Tobago and the region.


The reach of the content on the channel depends on much more than the technical aspects of videography like set design, lighting, audio, camera operation and editing. We employ a suite of services to inform our content strategy and ensure that what we produce is not just entertaining and informative but also relevant.
Content planning, copywriting, SEO along with digital marketing and social media management all work in unison to engage our existing audience but to also reach new viewers. This special blend of ingredients is the perfect recipe that allows EAF content to continue to engage and inspire. Check out the latest recipes right here on our website.